Although life in Brazil can be very complicated, everybody on the campus and also in the city of São Paulo was very friendly and helpful! Without even asking, nearly everybody, especially on the campus, will immediately offer their help and do everything to create a nice environment for you.

I am very thankful that I was able to gain this experience. Especially the people I will miss a lot. In this short time at Mackenzie, I have found some amazing friends.

One great thing about São Paulo is the internationality. There are a lot of new things to discover, amazing restaurants and takeaways to try and great people to meet. 

Although my first surprise was, that all courses at Mackenzie are in Portuguese, I was also surprised that some teachers and also most of the students speak perfectly English. 
Another thing that impressed me a lot, was the students daily routine. Some of them work up to 8 hours a day, additionally to studying. The students at Mackenzie have very high goals for which they work really hard and they still manage to do everything on a high level.

Thank you Mackenzie for this experience!

Best regards,
Victoria Hurth