Undergraduate students from non-partner universities can apply for a period of academic mobility at MPU (except for internships and research). If accepted, these students will have the same treatment and support offered to international students from partner universities, but should pay the fees and tuition.

Check HERE if the university has an agreement with MPU.

To apply for a period of mobility at MPU, click here


GRADUATE STUDENTS (Master’s and Doctoral Degrees)

In the case of students of the Graduate Program (Master's and Doctoral Degrees), there is no possibility of enrollment as a Free Mover student.

If it is in the interest of mobility at MPU for a research internship, it is necessary to find a supervisor in one of the MPU Graduate Programs and to establish a program of activities that will be executed during the mobility period. After the establishment of the program of activities and the approval of the Coordinator of the related Post-Graduation Program, an agreement should be established for individual co-orientation (or  joint supervision, if applicable).

The International Office is organized to support this process and should be contacted for the internal processing of the agreement (validation, seal of Legal Department and signature of MPU and MPI authorities).

To request information or model agreements, send an e-mail to coi@mackenzie.br