Institutional Scientific and Technological Initiation Programs

Science research holds increasingly relevant status in the construction and development of Higher Education institutions’ academic spaces. Given this, Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM) offers its academic community institutional Scientific Initiation (PIBIC/PIVIC) and Technological Initiation (PIBIT/PIVIT) programs.

These programs are intended to supplement undergraduate education, offering our students distinctive training as well as an opportunity to explore how knowledge generation occurs and how science and technology knowhow is gained and developed. These goals are met by having students take part in the countless practical and theoretical activities that take place in research environments under the tutelage of a professor-counselor.

Research execution and consolidation at UPM is a priority for the Rectory, and has the support of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, which, through its Sponsor and the Mackenzie Research Fund (MackPesquisa), has been awarding research grants to student researchers applying for Selection (as informed by specific Calls for Applications). The programs also rely on financial support from the National Scientific and Technological Development Council (CNPq).

We invite every UPM undergraduate student to join the Institutional Scientific Initiation Program and take advantage of the opportunity to take important steps in their training and professional paths.