Public health policies, together with the growing interest and desire of the population for a better quality of life, have made physiotherapy a key profession in the health sector, and in society in general. The physiotherapy course at Mackenzie Presbyterian University began at the Alphaville-Barueri Campus in 2007, and in 2014 transferred to the Higienópolis-São Paulo Campus. With a workload of 4000 hours over 5 years, the pedagogical approach of the course is in accordance with the National Curriculum Guidelines, and is aimed at the training of qualified individuals, committed to personal and professional development, as well as being aware of the roles and responsibilities laid out in the guidelines of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS). The pedagogical approach aims to adapt and define professional work practices, through educational strategies capable of effectively facilitating and contributing to the teaching and learning process, which also meet the needs of the those taking part. Agreements with renowned national and international institutions provide a suitable environment for professional preparation. The excellence in teaching is reflected in the employability of the graduates of the course, and their placements in post-graduate courses. In its last evaluation process, the course gained the maximum score according to the National Student Performance Examination – Enade, MEC.

Job Market

The job market for physiotherapists is buoyant, and reflects the growth of demand in the health sector. Given their autonomy, each professional can propose and develop innovative physiotherapeutic approaches, able to act in the three levels of health care – primary, secondary and tertiary - that comprise the health system in Brazil, in the public or private sectors.

Evaluaciones y Premios