The Bachelor in Computer Science trains professionals capable of designing and implementing efficient software. The course empowers the professional to develop hardware and software in order to study, develop and implement programs with very broad objectives such as data storage and retrieval, operating and data processing systems, database, computer networks, network security and programming.


 Its main objective is to train professionals who use the computer as an end-activity, able to develop tools and optimize resources.

The professionals trained by Mackenzie will be prepared to carry out activities in public and private companies, in their most diverse segments, in non-governmental organizations, in addition to teaching, academic or applied research, thus promoting the scientific and technological development of the area of computing.


The job market

The computer field tends to grow, which makes the number of places bigger. Therefore, our course seeks to train professionals capable of developing hardware and software with the excellence required by the market, being able to work in public and private companies, besides providing consulting or acting in the academic area as teachers or researchers.

Evaluaciones y Premios