Library Coordination

The Library Coordination, affiliated organ of the Undergraduate and Academic Affairs Pro Rectory, is responsible for providing information related to teaching, research and extension activities of Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Holding a rich diversified collection, the library provides access to resources to serve the educational needs of students, teachers and community.  Among the libraries activities are the collection acquisitions, information treatment, normalization of centralized and patterned services and online availability of academic production enabling users to access and evaluate collection – both virtual and real.

The library staff includes librarians, administrative assistants, service assistants, trainees, apprentices and library technicians, prepared to help the users and to attempt to meet their information needs.

It provides research support service which assists and collaborates with the UPM objectives.

Ms. Rosely Bianconcini Mulin

Ms. Rosely Bianconcini Mulin

Coordinator - CRB-8/5976