Law School

FD - Mackenzie Presbyterian University

MPU’s Law School, one of the most traditional Law Schools in Brazil, is the outcome of a visionary project, which intertwines tradition and innovation. For more than 60 years, MPU’s Law School has been forming top rate legal professionals, acknowledging the technological shifts that require an ongoing re-evaluation of teaching skills, without disregarding the tradition of the legal profession.

At the Law School, we offer graduation, master, PhD and continuous education courses. All highly renowned, due to its first rate faculty, composed of full and part time scholars and legal professionals (Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers from the top Latin America Law Firms).

At the Law School, research is institutionally fostered and considered as an elementary tool to understand social problems and to present solutions capable of improving society’s well being, in a national, regional and local scope.

Intertwining theory and practice, the Law School offers Clinical Courses aimed at legal advice, mediation and tax, enhancing students’ professional skills.

The outcome of MPU’s highly regarded Law School are outstanding BAR approval ratings, being regarded as one of the best Law Schools in Brazil.

Prof. Dr. Gianpaolo Poggio Smanio

Prof. Dr. Gianpaolo Poggio Smanio