Plan, organize, direct and control: this is the role of the administrator, a professional who is continually making decisions for the success of organizations and society. Therefore, it finds space in all types of organizations and companies. Here at MPU, you will have a course that, in addition to focusing on the areas of managerial performance (marketing, finance, people management, and operations), has a strong focus on developing the entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and creative posture of the student.

The course occupies a prominent position in all university rankings, has a highly qualified faculty composed of doctors and masters and counts on the Junior Company Mackenzie Consulting, recognized for its excellent history of training of managers with critical spirit and director. Also, the student has access to curricular components and activities that simulate the organizational reality and can conduct international exchanges and even obtain a diploma from a European university (double degree).

Jobs market

Managers can act in various functions and areas of the organization, such as strategic planning, where they will set goals and develop strategies based on the identification of market opportunities; where they will deal, for example, costing, budgeting and investments; production management, involving the control of production processes involving inventories, operations and logistics; marketing, where they will draw the profile of the target audience and define strategies of sales of prices, communication and products and services; and the management of human resources, where career plans, salaries, and benefits will be elaborated, as well as identifying aspects of the organization's culture.

Evaluaciones y Premios