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Research and Final Term Paper

Undergrad courses at FAU Mackenzie have specific requirements. Both in the Architecture and Urbanism and in the Design programs, the Thesis work entails a privileged period for reflection on the gathered knowledge and starts the student into his professional career.

Architecture and Urbanism

For the undergrad student in the Architecture and Urbanism program, a Final Graduation Thesis is mandatory, as set forth in the Education Ministry’s Curricular Directives and in CAU – Architecture and Urbanism Council’s Directives. 

The Final Graduation Thesis is an individual academic project, divided in an Architecture and Urbanism project and a dissertation, both necessarily related to the professional attributions. It shall evidence the student’s acquired knowledge, be related to the curriculum and to his expertise in face of reality, as well as to a methodology and thematic choice. The Final Thesis academic structure comprises two semester components, named TFG I and TFG II, offered in the ninth and tenth stages. Each component is comprised of four activities: Academic Counseling, Project, Theory and Critic and Experimentation.

TFG follows regulations set forth by the Faculty, School and University collegiates. 


In the Design program, TCC – Final Graduation Thesis is a mandatory activity for obtaining a Bachelor Degree. It is offered in the seventh stage and follows regulations set forth in the Education Ministry’s Curricular Directives and in Mackenzie’s General Regulations for Graduation Thesis Work.

TCC comprises an academic thesis in which a complete idea is developed theoretically and in the form of a Design project, thereafter presenting it as an object or a service/object system. The main goal is to have the student summarizing the professional capabilities he has gathered along the course, showcasing his ability for problem analysis and design solutions. His expertise should be demonstrated in the context of material cultures and their virtual extensions, as a synthesis of knowledge pertaining to the professional field.

Miriam Silva Marques

Miriam Silva Marques

Administrative Clerk

Profa. Dra. Eunice Helena Abascal

Profa. Dra. Eunice Helena Abascal

Research and TCC Coordinator