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Stricto Sensu

Degree courses include Professional Master’s Academic Master’s and Doctor’s programs open to candidates with undergraduate degrees who meet the requirements of the relevant learning institutions and the contents of the applicants selection notice (art. 44, item III, of Law No. 9.394/1996). A degree is conferred upon graduating students.

Degree graduate courses are subject to authorization, accreditation and renewal requirements as per the applicable law –CNE/CES Resolution No. 1/2001, as amended by CNE/CES Resolution No. 24/2002.


At CCSA, we have four Post-Graduate Programs stricto sensu Academic:

1 - Graduate Administration Program - PPGA

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Walter Bataglia (

2 - Graduate Accounting Program – PPGCFE

Coordinator: Prof. Henrique Formigoni (

3 - Graduate Business Development Administration Program – MPADN

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Reynaldo Cavalheiro Marcondes (

4 - Graduate Economics and Markets Program – Professional – MPECON

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Pedro Raffy Vartanian (

Service Hours: Mondays through Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m..
Tatiane Domingues

Tatiane Domingues

Program Secretary PPGA

Tais Evelin

Tais Evelin

Program Secretary PPGCFE

Patricia Betencourt

Patricia Betencourt

Program Secretary MPADN

Camila Alves

Camila Alves

Program Secretary MPECON