General Coordination of Student Services

The General Coordination of Student Services has the objective of restructuring the academic-administrative processes, making them more agile and effective, providing adjustments in student service and unifying in a single coordination the attendance of the main administrative sectors to which the student relates.

For this, it is the responsibility of the coordination:

  • To integrate all academic-administrative information related to the student.
  • To develop internal processes that stimulate student service.
  • To strive for attending, through respect, posture, balance, good communication, professionalism and proactivity, paying attention to the principles and values ​​of institutional identity.
  • To look for updates and strategies to improve service.
  • To address, when necessary, the students'  demands to the competent area.
  • To identify and suggest procedure changes to improve student satisfaction.

Performing a task focused on attending the student, it manages and distributes the demands in our service fronts, fostering a culture of receptivity to the student, centralizing the process flows, improving the internal communication and sectorial organization.

Wagner Pereira Ricarth

Wagner Pereira Ricarth