The Graduate Degree General Coordination is an executive sector subordinated to the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Degree is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of teaching and research activities within the Graduate Programs. Among its main responsibilities are:

  • Promoting the interface between the graduate programs and the Council for the Coordination of the Improvement of Higher Education (CAPES/Brazilian Government) through monitoring, and sending annual reports, personnel management, etc.
  • Providing support for new course proposals to CAPES’ New Course Proposal Application (APCN).
  • Support the regulations of the Graduate Programs.
  • Undertaking the semesterly selection processes of master’s and doctorate courses.
  • Registering and supporting visiting researchers and professors working in the graduate programs.
  • Registering and supporting post-doctorate researchers in post-graduate programs.
  • Providing resources for the accreditation and re-accreditation of graduate program professors.
  • Dealing with the recognition of master’s and doctorate degrees obtained abroad.
  • Providing support to the implementation of double degree agreements.
  • Registering and supporting students in post-doctoral and sandwich internships.
Profa. Dra. Maria Cristina Triguero Veloz Teixeira

Profa. Dra. Maria Cristina Triguero Veloz Teixeira

General Coordinator