Pedagogical Support Coordination

The Pedagogical Support Coordination (CAP) is responsible for offering challenging conditions to improve and develop academic, personal and professional activities of UPM teachers.

Creating and managing academic events, developing and promoting new teaching, learning and evaluation concepts are among the various activities conducted by CAP. In addition, it promotes the dissemination of the works and the scientific and technological production of UPM professors. Finally, it encourages national and international academic exchange and also accompanies the framework, progression and promotion on faculty careers.

In order to carry out the previously mentioned activities, the coordination plans and implements mechanisms that contribute and guarantee the defense of the rights and the improvement of the teaching career, aiming at the full manifestation of teachers’ capacities and their involvement with the Institutional Pedagogical Project.

Profa. Dra. Magda Medhat Pechliye

Profa. Dra. Magda Medhat Pechliye