The Information Systems course prepares its students to use computing, communication and information technologies to support the business and management of organizations, as well as in strategic decision-making.

 The opportunities in this area are diverse and embracing. Employment crises do not reach the sector and therefore the employability rate of our graduates is 100%.

 The course covers contents required in the marketplace that includes hardware and related technologies, information security, digital law, software engineering, IT governance, IS management, project management, database, computer networks and data communications, cloud services, artificial intelligence with focus on data science.


Multinational companies such as Totvs, IBM, Microsoft and Google, as well as financial companies are employers of Information Systems professionals; In addition, companies in the areas of digital communication and entertainment also promise large hires. According to the main association of software companies in the country, there is a shortage of Information Technology professionals in the market. This trend is worldwide, and Mackenzie students are getting excellent placements not only in Brazil but also abroad