Computing and Informatics Department

FCI - Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Graduate Studies - Strictu Sensu

FCI participates in Computer area of the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering and Computing (PPGEEC). The research track in this area emphasizes the investigation of computer systems that, like natural adaptive ones, display high flexibility and robust operations. The notion of adaptiveness emerges in several topics countless areas of computer systems engineering, but with a strong connotation of architectures based on human intelligence and biology-inspired models in general. Therefore, the research track’s highlights include: construction of human learning process models; development of computing methods strongly inspired in biological reality; creation of systems-control algorithms through computational view; modeling natural and artificial dynamical systems; development of analytics models; development of serious games; and the characterization of new computing models.

The following FCI Professors are associated to the PPGEEC:

  • Prof. Dr. Ismar Frango Silveira
  • Prof. Dr. Leandro Augusto da Silva
  • Prof. Dr. Leandro Nunes de Castro Silva
  • Prof. Dr. Nizam Omar
  • Prof. Dr. Pedro Paulo Balbi de Oliveira
  • Prof. Dr. Pollyana Notargiacomo
Prof.ª Dr.ª Lúcia Akemi Miyazato Saito

Prof.ª Dr.ª Lúcia Akemi Miyazato Saito


Yopanan Henrique Roque Rocha

Yopanan Henrique Roque Rocha