Journalists have a great responsibility, since these professionals act as social mediation agents, which overlaps the technical and practical aspects of their activities. Therefore, the course invests in a solid social, ethical and humanistic formation, with subjects that contextualize the sociocultural facts and the thought evolution, as well as the historical, ethical, political, aesthetic and technical aspects of journalism, creating subsidies for the professional critical spirit development and providing students with specific and deep knowledge within the study area. The technical competence demanded by the job market is prioritized with activities in the graphic computer laboratories and photography, TV and radio studios.

The job market

The UPM journalists are prepared to work in communication companies - private or public - and in philanthropic institutions, charities and labor unions, because of their cultural and humanistic training, which makes them able to deal with community issues that integrate solidarity and collectivism, making the material built (the information and the news) into tools of growth and strengthening of these bonds in society.

Evaluaciones y Premios