It consists of obtaining copies of technic-scientific files, master’s dissertations, theses, periodic articles, among other files, non-existent in Mackenzie Library collection. 

The file copies may be obtained through the Library, in the reception desk or directly in one of the websites which offer this service:


Professor Folder

Mackenzie offers the copy acquisition of book chapters in a legalized manner, through the Professor Portal Folder.

Created by the Brazilian Association of Reprographic Rights (ABDR), the Professor Portal aims to attend the users who need to obtain the content of their bibliography in a fractioned and legalized manner.  

Through the website, the users can consult the content available, select what they need for their studies and request their printing in the following Sales Point:


Central Printing Shop

Location: Higienópolis Campus - SP – Building 32

Phone number: (+5511) 2114-8529