Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute



“Our goal will be to make Mackenzie even more relevant to Brazil”

The presidency of the Executive Board of Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute will use communication, in all its forms, to promote greater integration and broadly highlight the virtues of the Institution and the principles that guide it in its Mission, Vision, Principles and, consequently, Values.

We will work so that each operational unit seeks to continuously improve its operations, aiming as a priority to create value for Mackenzie, always focusing on Confessionality, Development and Result, with a vision of the Kingdom, in line with the entity's Institutional confessional philanthropic Identity, all this for the glory of God and the proclamation of his gospel.

Milton Flávio Moura

He has a degree in Agronomy from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Universidade Estadual Paulista – Unesp; specialized in Rural Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas, in General Administration from the University of São Paulo and in Agribusiness from USP Piracicaba/SP. He has a Corporate Governance Practice from the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – Ibgc, and studied Leading Corporate Renewal from the Institute of Management and Development in Lausane, Switzerland.

His professional development occurred in large-scale businesses, comprising agricultural, forestry and industrial projects for more than 30 years, in Brazil and abroad, especially in the Votorantim group, where he worked from 1985 to 2010, holding positions such as Agricultural director and Director of Supply. He was an advisor to an agribusiness sector entity, business consultant and coach at the Proeza group, in Mexico, between 2011 and 2012, in addition to other national and international companies.

He joined Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute in 2011, where he served as president of MackPesquisa, representative on the University Council of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, rapporteur of the Strategic Planning Committee, rapporteur of the Human Resources Committee, member of commissions and committees: Administration and Company Assets, MackGraphe, Economic Freedom and Structure.

He was also a member of ecclesiastical councils of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, beginning his ministry as a presbyter, in Itapetininga/SP, in 1994. Upon moving to São José do Rio Preto/SP, in 2002, he served two terms; and in 2014, he moved to São Paulo/SP, where he is a presbyter at the Pinheiros Presbyterian Church, his current church. He was also a deacon at the Presbyterian Church of Jardim Maringá, in the city of Itapeva/SP, at the end of the 80s, and president of the Synodal Confederation of Young People of the Synod of Botucatu, at the end of the 70s.