HOW TO APPLY - Undergraduate Academic Mobility




International Students at MPU (see the video HERE)



All international students are invited to apply for the Exchange Program at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Usually international students choose to carry on their mobility for  06 months or 01 year, using this time to deepen their studies, participate in brazilian academic life, and experience the state of São Paulo and Brazil culturally.

It is expected and required, commitment and academic-personal dedication from fall international students, so that at the end of their mobility they will achieve the expected results.

In order for the international student to be accepted for the Exchange Program at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, it is necessary first of all to be nominated by his/her home University.

The nomination consists of a letter or e-mail, issued by the international relations office (or equivalent) of the student home University and signed by the head department.

After the nomination the student must strictly follow all the steps listed below regarding the deadlines, requirements and necessary documents.


Preparing Your Application

1. Browse the undergraduate courses HERE to see if Mackenzie Presbyterian University offers the course that interests you.

2. Check here the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS  to ensure that you meet all of them.

3. Use the LIST OF PARTNER INSTITUTIONS to see if MPU has a valid cooperation agreement with your University. Some agreements exempt students from tuition and fees.


Before Applying

1. Carefully read all the items on the Application Form for Academic Mobility which is on the International Student Guide tab.

2. Pay attention to the application deadlines available at the bottom of this page and plan to submit your application well in advance - two to three weeks in advance - if possible.

3. If you are not a Brazilian citizen, Portuguese or from a Portuguese-speaking country, we recommend level B (Portuguese Language) upon arrival. Also, a Portuguese course will be offered to you, at no additional cost during a semester (depending on the agreement between the institutions).


Submitting Your Application

1. Submit your application by submitting the Application Form for Academic Mobility with all supporting documents to

2. Double-check to see if you have chosen the correct course, created a valid learning agreement, and attached all documents correctly.

3. Check if you received an automatic reply within 24 hours of submitting your application.

4. For information on everything that happens after submitting your application, including your self-service options, please contact us at:


Tuition and fees

Students from partner universities (including ERAMUS students) exempt from tuition fees.

Free Movers students will be required to pay the full tuition and fees according to the courses attended at MPU. The monthly tuition for undergraduate courses can be found HERE. (In order to check the prices, please select the course in the box at the top of the page and scroll down to the field "Mensalidade"). The tuitions change semesterly.

Would you like to check out our partner Institutions? If it is so, please  CLICK HERE.


Academic year/ Academic semester

The academic year (school year) usually begins in February and ends in December. Each academic year is composed of two semesters.

Classes of the first semester begins in February and ends in June.

Classes of the second semester begins in August and ends in December.


Deadlines for Application

May 20th for studies in Spring semester (from August to December)

October 20th for studies in Fall semester (from February to June)



Brazilian Embassy in Rome

All international students and researchers wiling to pursue their academic activities at Mackenzie Presbyterian University for more than 03 months will need a special visa that can be obtained at the Brazilian diplomatic representation of their country (Embassy or Consulate General).

The type of visa granted to international students of academic mobility is the Temporary Visa IV (VITEM IV). However, in order to check the requirements regarding your country of origin, please click HERE.

Once the student has been accepted for MPU Academic Mobility, he / she will receive a Letter of Acceptance. This letter together with others documents will allow the student to apply for a visa.