15th International Workshop On Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems

Social Programme

Two special dinners are included in the registration fee of the workshop. Also included, both will be followed by a selection of Brazilian deserts, and accompanied by water, natural fruit juices, soft drinks, beer and caipirinha, the most typical cocktail drink of the country, prepared with cachaça (a sugar-cane spirit), sugar, lime and ice.

For non-registered people accompanying a participant, individual tickets for both dinners will be available for purchase during the workshop. Both restaurants involved are very close to the hotel of the workshop, the first one being just across the main road and roundabout facing the hotel, and the second about 20 minutes walk from it (although transport is expected to be available).
Social Programme

Oct 10th (Sat), 20:00: Churrascaria Villa D’Aldeia

Churrascaria Villa D’Aldeia is a typical Brazilian barbecue restaurant, originally from the southernmost state of the country. As most churrascarias, it adopts the rodizio style of service, where waiters do rounds with several kinds of meat, from table to table, holding skewers and trays from which the food is carved and served directly onto your plate. And they will continue to serve you, at your leisure, until you let them know you are satisfied. If you have a preference for one particular kind and how well done it should be, just let one of them know and you´ll be served as requested. In the case of Villa D´Aldeia, more than 20 different kinds of meats are served, including various Brazilian beef and pork cuts, poultry, game and fish.

But a churrascaria appraises meat eaters and vegetarians alike, since alongside with the meat, a great variety of starters and side dishes are served to your table side, at your leisure, including various Brazilian specialties. Additionally, you can help yourself to the vast array of freshly made salads available on the salad buffet, with around 40 different options, along with 12 types of dressings, and a self-service cheese buffet, that includes 10 different types of cheeses and hams.
Social Programme

Oct 11th (Sun), 19:00: Temperos do Brasil

Facing the major natural post-card of São José dos Campos, the Banhado, a large green protected (moorland) area, from which the city centre expanded, our gathering at Temperos do Brasil will start with a pleasant setting for a drink with appetisers, while enjoying the usually colourful sunset in front of Banhado.

After the sunset, a buffet dinner will be served, featuring a selection of Brazilian dishes, with an emphasis on seafood, but also catering for vegetarians, most of them prepared along the characteristic cuisine of the Northeastern state of Bahia, whose gastronomy and culture at large developed very deeply influenced by the African peoples brought in to the region during the Portuguese colonial period.