School of Architecture and Urbanism

FAU - Mackenzie Presbyterian University

The School of Architecture and Urbanism of Mackenzie Presbyterian University (FAU Mackenzie), occupying a leading position in the Architectural Education field in the country, currently offers two undergraduate programs - Architecture and Urbanism, Design, as well as a Master and a Doctorate Program in Architecture and Urbanism, a Lato Sensu specialization and Research and Extension activities.

FAU Mackenzie is known for its tradition and excellence in project design in its various scales - from Product, Communication and Service Design, Architectural Design, to Urban Planning and Urban Design, as well as for the quality and value of its professors and alumni and for advanced applied research and extension practices.

The teaching participation of recognized architects and town planners and designers is allied to the presence of professors who reconcile the academic vocation to the reflection and research in the professional field. Their graduates work intensely in their profession, in teaching, in research and in sharing knowledge with society.

With a strategic location in São Paulo city, near the central district of Higienopolis, FAU-Mackenzie has an excellent infrastructure consisting of workshops, laboratories, library, auditorium, videoconference room, etc. It has approximately 2,800 students, 200 teachers, and a staff of 20 administrative personnel and laboratory technicians, in addition to the management structure formed by the Board of Directors and 08 coordinators for the two  Undergraduate Programs, Stricto Sensu Postgraduate, Continuing Education, Final Graduation Work, Complementary Activities and Extension, Student Internship and Leadership, and International and Inter-institutional Relations.

On August 12th, 2017 FAU Mackenzie completed 70 years of its foundation and 100 years of the Architecture Course which, between the years of 1917 to 1947 was linked to the School of Engineering. It is the first Architecture School in the State of São Paulo and one of the first in the country. 

Angélica Benatti Alvim

Angélica Benatti Alvim