Consolidated Groups

CNPq-Certified (National Scientific and Technological Development Council)

Consolidated research groups are a source of institutional visibility for UPM’s research capabilities before society at large.

Consolidated groups will be included in the Brazilian Research Groups Directory, which lists the country’s active science and technology research groups. The information provided by the Directory includes the human resources that make up each group (researchers, students and technicians), their ongoing research tracks, their domains of knowledge, the applicability sectors involved, scientific, technological and artistic production, and partnerships between groups and institutions, chief among which business firms in the productive sector. 

What is the relevance of inclusion in the Research Groups Directory Listing?

The Directory is an efficient information exchange instrument. It can quickly and accurately determine who is who, where they can be found, what they are doing, and their recent production.

Whether at the level of institutions or that of scientific societies, or even that of the various spheres of national political and administrative organization, the Directory’s databases are endless sources of information. As such, it stands as a powerful scientific and technological activities planning and management tool. 

Because of the frequent (biannual) censuses, the resulting databases play an important role preserving the memory of science and technology efforts in Brazil.