The Extension Coordination (COEX) bound to the Pro-Rectory of Education and Continued Education (PREC) is the executive body responsible for establishing directives and procedures, developing actions and projects in the extensionist areas within UPM and its relationship with Society, aiming the fulfillment of the constitutional inextricability between Teaching, Research and Extension.

Extension, an essential activity in the academic tripod, can be found in the regulatations of the inner environment of the Institutional Development Plan (PDI- 2013-2018) and in the University Extension Policy (Rectory Act - Ato da Reitoria 03/2015) based on the following principles:


Art. 2º.  The University Extension Policy (Rcetory Act - Ato da Reitoria 03/2015) based on the following principles:

i. Constitutional inextricability between Teaching, Research and Extension;

ii. Democratic-participative Management, guided by Mission, Vision and Institutional Principles;

iii. Commitment with the human being´s development in completeness, respecting the natural environment;

iv. Production and socialization of knowledge;

v. Commitment with ethics and construction and exercise of citizenship;

vi. Interdisciplinarity in the actions;

vii. Respect to regionality in the actions.


The Extension Coordination  is structured in two Coordinations:

  •  Programs, Projects and Events of Extension Coordination (CPEX)

  •  University Sports Management Coordination (CGDU)



Responsible for the monitoring, the management and the promotion – in partnership with the UPM Academic Unities – of the extensionist activities performed by the following activities:

I – Extensionist Programs

II – Extensionist Projects

III – Extension Course (bound to the Extensionist Programs and Projects)

IV – Events (Academic)

V – Extensionist Releases and Productions

Institutional Programs of Extension

  •  Awareness of Digital Safety (FCI)

  •  MackCidade: Law Center and Urban Space (FAU/FDIR)

  •  Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Population Program

  •  Socio-environmental Responsibility Program

  •  Training and Development of Academic-Administrative Managerial Competencies Institutional Program

  •  MackVida Program

  •  Open University Program (UATU)

  •  Qualimack – Health and Life Quality Mackenzie Program


Special Programs in Partnership with the IPM Social Responsability 

  •  Amazon Vida Project

  •  Incluir Direito CESA/Mackenzie Project (Inclusiveness CESA/Mackenzie Project)


Community Service Institutional Programs

  •  Psychological Attendance Clinic (CCBS)

  •  Small Claims Court (FDir)

  •  Small-sizes and Microenterprise Special Court (FDir)

  •  Physiotherapy Clinic (CCBS)

  •  Legal Model Office (in partnership with the Public Defender Office of SP)

  •  Financial Attendance Center NAF – (CCSA)

Institutional Events

  •  Mackenzie Day

  •  Recepção Solidária (Solidary Reception) (Reception to parents and new students)

  •  Acolhimento no Vestibular (Welcoming in the Vestibular)

  •  Extension Showcase


Contacts CPEX

Phone number: (+5511) 2114-8155

e-mail: cpex@mackenzie.br


Responsible for the monitoring, the management and the promotion of the university sports practice, understanding sports as a prime extensionist activity, in the terms of the Rectory Act number 08/2016, and the UPM Sporting Merit Scholarship Program.

Being present at Mackenzie since the year 1878, sports have always integrated the formation of Mackenzie students, not only as a curricular component, but also and exceedingly, as an integration activity and sociability of the internal community, alongwith the external community through competitions, games, actions and projects.

The activities are performed in an individual way, by means of projects and specific actions, or in partnership with the Academic Athletic from the University students or the Academic Athletic Leagues in two great Activity Programs:

  1.  Sportive Activities: Social and Educational: performed by means of actions, programs and projects at UPM, including the ones aimed at the regular Sporting practice of the UPM employees (teachers and administrative employees).

  2.  University Sportive Activities in Competitions and Games: performed and organized by the Academic Athletic Associations, Athletic Leagues and the Mackenzie Team.

Mackenzie Team- Individual Modalities

  •  Male and Female Athletics

  •  Male and Female Swimming

  •  Male Judo

  •  Chess

Mackenzie Team- Collective Modalities

  •  Male and Female Basketball

  •  Male and Female Volleyball

  •  Male and Female Handball

  •  Male and Female Indoor Soccer

  •  Male Soccer Field

  •  Male Water Polo

Mackenzie´s Main Team Tournaments

  •  University Brazilian Games (JUBs) – State Phase FUPE

  •  University Brazilian Games (JUBs) – National Phase – CBDU

  •  University Sports League  (LDU) - CBDU

  •  Mack-Nav Tournament – (Mackenzie – Escola Naval/RJ)

  •  Unisinos Cup (RS)


Contacts - CGDU

Phone Number: (+5511) 2114-7610

E-mail: esportes@mackenzie.br