Atividades Acadêmicas

The Final Term Paper

The Final Term Paper (TCC) is a mandatory course completion activity at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. It is a two-semester process during which the student`s are stimulated to research development and to write an academic dissertation or article, expressing the acquired knowledge along the five years course. The students have a tutor professor and are evaluated based on the written work and also based on their performance at an oral presentation for a three professor Commission, including the tutor professor. The development of this work is extremely important for the students’ maturity, preparing them for the professional life, emphasizing the research results quality, the investigative sense, the scientific methodology, the ethics and future professional postures.


The article 102 of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University Statute provides that the Coordination of Internships an specialized department responsible for the attendance, orientation, supervision and evaluation of students' internships. It should contribute to the technical, cultural, scientific and human relationship improvement.

The Coordination of Internships os responsible, among other functions, to encourage partnerships between the University and companies and law firms. Its goal is  to  complement professional experience, in order to provide a real vision of the day-to-day work.

Office for Social, Extra-Curricular Activities & International Affairs

Office for Social, Extra-Curricular Activities & International Affairs

The office for Social, Extra-Curricular Activities & International Affairs is responsible for the following activities at MPU´s Law School:

  • Extra-Curricular Activities: the office is responsible for registering extra-curricular activities required from students, in order to obtain the bachelor’s degree.
  • Social Affairs: the office designs clinical programs and support faculty members and students engaged in activities with social impact;
  • Comparative and International Law Programs: the office assists students with MPU’s study abroad programs, also designing and implementing the Law School’s study abroad and student exchange programs. 
  •  Conferences: the office assists faculty members to organize conferences, workshops and seminars at MPU´s campus.   

Mackenzie – Academic Activities


The Research, together with the Extension and the Education, comprise the support of the University as a Social Institution. To that extent, it has the function of giving back to society what is produced at its core, passing through a critical analysis while seeks the solution of legal problems, under a new perspective, using concepts and instruments of Law and correlated sciences. Through research, the student is prepared to be a transforming agent of the society in which he lives in, using the past to propose the building of the future legal science.


Research activities include:

a) scientific initiation programs (PIBIC / PIVIC Mackenzie);

b) initiation to research;

c) participation in study and research groups;

d) publications of articles and reviews in academic journals; and

e) presentation of papers in academic events.


The Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation (PIBIC / PIVIC Mackenzie) is intended to complement undergraduate education, offering to students the opportunity to discover how is processed the generation of knowledge and how scientific knowledge is acquired. These objectives are achieved by the student's participation in practical and theoretical activities in the research environment, under the guidance of a teacher-researcher. The effectiveness and consolidation of good research in our University is a priority issue of our Rectory, and is supported by the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, which has been making available Scientific Initiation Scholarships to our student-researchers.