Research Areas and Lines of Research

Main Area

Technology and Materials Development

Lines of Research

Heterogeneous and Composite Materials

The subject of this research involves materials made up of two or more different and chemically compatible materials displaying final properties far superior to or even different from their component units, in addition to obtaining new high-performance materials.


Aims to explore the properties of graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and other two-dimensional materials, operationalized with other nanomaterials.  In this sense, the track pursues development and applications for photonic devices, optical and electrochemical sensors, modified polymers, biomaterials, transparent conductive films, supercapacitors and agents for controlled pharmacological substances release.

Applied chemistry (Since 2020)

This line of research deals with the study of the formation and characterization of different nanometric, molecular and macroscopic structures. Based on this, applied chemistry seeks to establish the relationship between the properties presented by these structures and their main applications.