What surprised me the most at Mackenzie was the completeness and style of the school. I am used to have my university in one big building and here it was a big, modern campus with everything you needed. It looked like it was designed by an architect. In Belgium the universities are located in old buildings who are not used anymore by his previous owners. So, I was surprised how good and organized the campus was.

My best memory of Sao Paulo is a very hard task because I had a lot. I lived in an international republica where I made a lot of new friends and at school too so in general, I could say that my full exchange was the best time of my life. The other foreign exchange students plus our 2 ambassadors showed me a lot of new places in Sao Paulo and we had a great time together. We will definitely see each other again. My new friends from my classes helped me so much with schoolwork and also socialized outside school with me which were really fun moments. They became friends for life. Brasil became part of my life, so the best memory these people gave me is that after this exchange, Brasil is in my heart.