The Mackenzie Presbyterian University's Publicity and Propaganda course combines academic theory with professional practice, stimulating the students through strategic planning disciplines and humanistic artistic disciplines to develop their critical ability and the capability to use various forms of marketing-advertising communication in the objectives of the organization, including the opportunity of several international mobility programs.

In addition to the excellent infrastructure of classrooms, laboratories and studios, the students have specific disciplines related to the current demands of the communication area, supported by market research and consumer behavior studies.

The experience in the Publicity and Propaganda course provides the preparation for the professional activity with amplitude for companies-advertisers of several areas, agencies and marketing and communication consultancies, off and online content producers and research institutes, among others.

By the end of the 4th semester, there is a choice between two specific training lines: Marketing or Publicity Creation, according to the focus and skills born and developed according to the professional interest, under an entrepreneurial vision stimulated by specific disciplines and possibility of participation in the Junior Communication Agency - Academic of the course.

The job market

The advertising market occupies an extensive performance area and is increasingly demanding. Within the professional universe, we can highlight agencies (advertising, direct marketing, design, branding), producers (radio, television, cinema, internet, graphics), companies, communication vehicles, research institutes, houses, etc. The course prepares the student to take up space in such a challenging market.