Curriculum structure

Syllabus Summary – Master’s

The Graduate Accounting Program offers the Professional Master in Controllership Degree Program.   

This Master program has a duration of 24 months subdivided into four (04) semesters and a total of 50 credits. In the first year of the program, candidates must take four required subjects and four elective subjects. In the third and fourth semesters, candidates are to dedicate themselves to drafting their dissertations under the guidance of a professor and earn eight credits from required scheduled activities. Candidates must submit their Qualification Exam Project by the end of the third semester. The Master Dissertation must be submitted by the end of the fourth semester, all according to the deadlines outlined in the program’s regulations. Elective subjects are offered alternately in each semester and balanced according to Research Tracks. Elective subjects will be offered assuming that a minimum of five (05) candidates are regularly enrolled.

    Obligatory Scheduled Activities

    Master candidates will participate in diverse activities intended to enhance their management control and business finance knowledge and skills, as well as their awareness of research methodologies applied to the reality of business firms.  


    Theme Workshops

    Debates and seminars are held over the course of the various semesters, addressing emerging topics with the participation of market practitioners and researchers, as a means to optimize the integration between the university and the business community.  


    Faculty Internship

    The Program also offers candidates an opportunity for an internship with the Undergraduate Accounting Program or the Undergraduate Business Administration Program, with tutoring from an experienced faculty member and as a means to provide an initiation as a potential faculty member, should the candidate come to consider this path.  


    Credits from Obligatory Scheduled Activities:

    • Scientific Publication: Full paper published in the annals of conferences, journals, or as book chapters.
    • Paper Presentations: Presenting papers at events hosted by UPM or other Higher Learning Institutions, such to include workshops, meetings, science and technology weeks, or extension courses.
    • Published paper in a technical review or communication medium.
    • Non-peer-reviewed scientific paper: contingent upon prior approval of the advisor and the program’s coordinator.
    • Note on the Media (technical paper on the candidate’s dissertation).
    Class Hours

    Fridays, from 6.30 to 10 pm, and Saturdays, from 09.20 to 12.40 am.

    Total Credits:

    • Required disciplines: 16 credits
    • Elective disciplines: 16 credits
    • Obligatory scheduled activities: 08 credits
    • Dissertation: 10 credits