Communication and Letters Center

CCL - Mackenzie Presbyterian University

The Communication and Letters Center (CCL) offers the courses of Publicity and Propaganda (with specific training line in Marketing or Publicity Creation); of Journalism; and the Letters course (Portuguese/English for Teacher Training), forming professionals who will be able to join and stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

The Portuguese/English Letters Course, double Degree (Teacher training and bachelor), lasts eight semesters.

During their period in CCL, the students have a large bibliographical collection, laboratories, studios, opportunities for internships and social projects development within the Community, besides a real market experience with the Junior Communication Agency. They are also encouraged to research (with the support of professors, MackPesquisa Fund and CNPq) and are stimulated into entrepreneurship, in the Business Plans Project and in the Incubators.

At CCL, students have the opportunity to work with Post-Graduation professors, whereas master and doctorate courses in Letters are part of the Center. Therefore, there is integration of research and extension teams, which allows to add value to the professional improvement and to facilitate the entry into scientific initiation.

The Communication and Letters Center, created in August 2006 with the union of the Faculty of Communication and Arts and the Faculty of Letters, has a new design:

The Publicity and Propaganda Course offers a specific training line in Marketing and Publicity Creation, preparing professionals for companies and advertising agencies.

The Journalism Course aims to prepare students to work in any excellence journalistic center.

The Letters Course offers qualification in Portuguese / English, preparing professors and researchers.

The Post-graduate Course stricto sensu (Master's and Doctoral Degree) is also part of the Center.

Prof. Dr. Rafael Fonseca Santos

Prof. Dr. Rafael Fonseca Santos