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The nutrition course aims to prepare the student to work in a variety of areas of professional activity. The main aim of the course is the comprehensive training of students to a high academic level, employing scientific and extension activities in order to produce highly qualified professionals. The teaching practices of the course are in line with the most modern education methods: the development of knowledge, attitudes, skills, creativity and a spirit of research; promotion of self-learning; the socialization of knowledge; and the integration of research and extension activities into the university routine.

The course is well-equipped to carry out its activities and has a range of resources and infrastructure which include: the experimental kitchen, the cooking demonstration and food and dietetic technique laboratory and the food science laboratory.

The school’s nutrition clinic, regulated by the Health Surveillance Organization (COVISA), is part of the nutrition course – enabling the integration of teaching, research and extension. Its aim is to offer and provide nutritional counseling to its users, with a technical-scientific and ethical basis, and serves as a center of professional training for students of the nutrition course of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Job Market

Nutritionists can work in several areas, both in the public and private sectors, such as: Food services, commercial restaurants, school meals, worker's food, among others;

- Clinical nutrition

- Public health

- Teaching

- The food industry

- Nutrition in physical activity

- Food marketing