The Materials Engineer is the professional who acts directly in the understanding of the correlations between structure, processing and properties of the different types of materials. Materials Engineers are responsible for researching, specifying, designing and developing materials to suit new technologies and societal needs, generating products based on metals, polymers and ceramics, as well as the various combinations between them (hybrid or composite materials). Materials Engineering professional is always focused on increasingly economical and environmentally friendly products and processes. The Mackenzie Presbyterian University's Materials Engineering course, in addition to granting traditional training in the areas of polymer, ceramic and metal materials, also explores strongly the action of these three areas in the field of Nanotechnology. Within this aspect, the course is closely related to the first research center dedicated to graphene in Latin America, MackGraphe (Center for Advanced Research in Graphene, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies). For those interested in continuing to invest in their professional career, the institution also has a Masters and PhD in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Job market

The professional can work in companies of almost all sectors of the industry, such as: metallurgical, mechanical, equipment, automotive, aeronautical, ceramic, plastics and durable goods production industries. It is also possible to work in universities and public or private research institutes. In these cases, the professional can act as a teacher or researcher.