Mackenzie Presbyterian University’s Graduate Program in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering comprehends Master’s and Doctor’s programs that interact the various forms of Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and domains that require highly technological and complex materials, such as biomaterials or materials for electronics and photonics applications. The programs focus on Materials Technology and Development, using a research-oriented approach that includes the correlation between the microstructure and the properties of materials, as well as their processing in scales from the macro- to the nanometric.

The essence of the Master’s and Doctor’s programs in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering is to foster in students the investigative nature inherent to scientific research, hand-in-hand with technological advances and industrial demands for new uses for existing materials. In this sense, PPGEMN’s distinctive traits lie in its highly qualified faculty, and the infrastructure and technology tools made available to students for their full involvement in solving industrial problems associated with materials disposal.

Labor Market

The program aims to consolidate scientific and technological knowledge, enabling the professional to obtain specific solutions in its area of activity and development of new materials used in industrial area, besides the formation of professor of higher education and researcher in the areas of Sciences and Materials Engineering and related areas.

Reviews and Awards