The Architecture and Urban Design Undergraduate Program at FAU Mackenzie, which recently completed one century, offers graduates that distinguishes themselves at the professional level, contributing to both the quality of life and to the built environment.

The course is well-known for its tradition on project teaching excellency throughout a wide scale ranging from the building to the city planning. Its teachers, students and alumni stand out for their work, research and further extension practices.

Currently the course points out to the acquisition of knowledge regarding contemporary society’s complex demands on the architect and urban planner. Its curriculum is aimed at the close relationship between the professional practice and the course content. The project activities encompassing all scales present the core role on development without compromising the technical, social, ethical and aesthetical dimensions pertaining the architectural design. The teaching-learning process articulates research and further studies with particular attention to experimentation and innovation

It is expected that architects and urban planners that graduate from our program are intellectually self-sufficient and able to act as a contributor to the transformation and advancement of the society in which he or she lives. The solid humanist and technical development will provide for the required abilities to engage in research, spread knowledge and progress...


The Work Market

For the Architect and Urban Planner, the workplace is diverse and ample. The acquired proficiency will be employed at both the private and public sectors, on companies and organizations of different sizes and capabilities. Positions range from building projects, construction, interior architecture throughout urban planning.


General Information