At MPU’s Law School the student has the opportunity to develop professional skills regarding the legal market. As one of the top ranked Law Schools in Brazil, highly renowned for its employability, MPU’s Law School offers clinic courses, from which students can benefit from an experiential learning, hands on, approach. At our Legal Advice, Mediation and Tax clinics students are able, from the start, to put theory into practice, to be effective in terms of social justice and to perfect legal professional skills .


The Law School’s Faculty is composed of women and men who are full time scholars or highly regarded professionals (Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers from the top Latin America Law Firms). This mixed cohort, from different backgrounds, has the goal to offer the student a full panorama from the law profession and formation. At MPU’s Law School, students can fulfill their dream of becoming a first rate Lawyer/Legal Professional or a highly effective researcher.


MPU Law School is also a gateway to the World. Through its Exchanging Hemispheres Program, alongside the University’s Global Exchange Program, Students can widen their worldview and intensify their network, either by going abroad or enrolling at our international summer programs, that happen each January or June, at our local campus. Foreign Students and Faculty members meet MPU students and Faculty in comparative courses.

Legal Job Market

At MPU’s Law School the student has an opportunity to become a Global Legal Professional, besides the typical options that compounds the legal profession (Lawyer at a national firm, judge, prosecutor, civil servant).