The Postgraduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism is classified at level 6 by CAPES, the normative body of the Ministry of Education, which corresponds to a classification of international excellence.  It includes master's and doctoral courses, which have been consolidated since 2000 and 2006 respectively. Our main objective is to stimulate reflection and the production of knowledge on Architecture and Urbanism, preparing professionals for research, teaching, and practice, expanding the capacity for critical reflection and awareness of the socio-cultural processes of architectural and urban production, articulating theory and practice and the construction of theoretical and conceptual reference frameworks. We want to stimulate the ability to reflect critically on Architecture and Urbanism, evaluating its potential for transforming the built environment in its different project scales, committed to ethics, democracy, and the social transformation of Brazilian society, values which are aligned with UPM's mission.

Relevance to Researchs

Intended for professors, researchers and professionals involved with territory design and intervention, management and planning. Fosters reflection on socio-cultural processes associated with architecture and cities; and architectural and city planning design in all of its potentialities and under all of its constraints, vi-à-vis continued transformation of professional action. Investigates modern and contemporary experiences, and the respective current problematizations of design.

Reviews and Awards

2018 -  International Research Thesis Award. Urban transformation: housing density and compact city. UNAM - National Autounomous  University  of Mexico:  Winner - the Thesis “From norm to form: contemporary urbanism and the materialization of the city “‘ by Eliana de Queiroz Barbosa ( advisor Nadia Somekh), defended  in 2016 by means of the covenants and double degree  with the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium; 

CAPES Prize Thesis 2018:  the Thesis  “ Preservation in a system: world heritage between the América and Europe” by Marina de Souza Rolim, defended in 2017 by means of the covenants and double degree  with the Ferrara University, Italy ( advisor Carlos Guilherme Mota and Marcelo Balzani) received Honorable Mention; 

ANPARQ 2018 Prize - Master modality: The dissertation Rogelio Salmona, a espessura heterogênea de uma superfície by Thais de Carvalho Ossani (advisor Ruth Verde Zein) receveid  the honorable Mention. 

UNAM - International Award Tesis de Investigación 2015:
Vivienda y habitabilidad, una perspectiva regional
– Honorable Mention – Doctoral Thesis by Débora Sanches. Advisor: Angélica Alvim