The purpose of this master’s program is to integrate applied economics knowledge with the professional activities of students, adding high-level analytical and instrumental capabilities for diagnosing economic problems, proposing alternatives and evaluating outcomes.

The program emphasizes real-life economic issues from productive sectors. Students may choose from two tracks: Market Operations and Behavior and International Markets.

The professional master’s program provides scientifically founded technical skills for the development of economy reports, and industrial and situational bulletins, in addition to calculating and compiling indicators and developing comparative international studies to support decision-making.

Faculty members are full-time Doctors and researchers with academic and professional experience, placing us in direct contact with state-of-the-art practice and research. Our distinctions include:

  • A program developed in line with market demands as concerns issues of relevance to Brazilian productive sectors.
  • Having the support of industry associations and several companies, including the Brazilian Textile Industry Association (“Associação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil” – ABIT), the São Paulo Board of Trade (“Associação Comercial de São Paulo” – ACSP), the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Industry Association (“Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Máquinas e Equipamentos” – ABIMAQ) and more.
  • Featuring scheduled activities including technical visits, workshops and seminars with trade associations, boards of trade and business firms, emphasizing the juxtaposition of theory and practice to foster understanding the functioning of the markets and economic issues associated with the internationalization process.


Intended for professionals active in business (business administration, comptrollership, accounting, finance, foreign trade, economics) or related areas (social sciences, law, international relations, engineering) who wish to gain a deeper awareness of applied economics in line with highly technical industry studies and analyses, the development of scenarios for the purposes of corporate decision-making, supporting organizational strategic planning. These skills enable our students to climb the career path and achieve leadership positions where economic analysis and studies are required.

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