Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute


Basic Education Operations Board

The Basic Education Operations Board (DIREB) administers Mackenzie Basic Education area, currently comprising six Schools: Higienópolis and Tamboré (SP); Brasilia DF); Palmas (TO); ICC - Instituto cristão de Castro (PR), and EVB - Escola Vital Brasil (MT), as well as AEJAMack Philanthropic School (Literacy and Youth and Adult Education). The Mackenzie Presbyterian School of Brasília, is part of an autonomous Business Unit and has its own General Board, but DIREB maintains its pedagogical orientation. In 2018, these schools have about 9,300 students, who are educated for a full life. They are recognized for their holistic, efficient and harmonious approach to biblical principles and values, defined in the Institutional Identity of Mackenzie.

DIREB aims at the intense care with all the lives placed in our Schools, so that they receive an avant-garde education, through the effort and dedication of all associates in this mission and with the use of confessional materials of excellence, with full sustainability of all the activities. It collaborates with the other Boards, for the expansion of the Mackenzie and Christian influence, in all places in which God allows the implantation of new units.

F. Solano Portela Neto

He holds a degree in applied mathematics from Faculdade Shelton (Cape May, NJ: 1967-1971, BA, Magna cum Laude) and also in Master-level theology from the Biblical Theological Seminary (Hatfield, PA 1971-1974). He is attending doctorate studies in education (Ed.D.), from Liberty University (2016 -). He has taught modules, as visiting professor in a specialization course offered by the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Christian Fundamentals of Education) and in a master's course offered by the Andrew Jumper Presbyterian Theological Graduate Center. At Presbyterian Church of Brazil, he has held the presidency and then the vice-presidency of the Board of Theological Education (JET) and has served on its Inter-Ecclesiastical Relations Commission (CRIE) for two terms since 2010. He is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship, Institution in which he presided the deliberative council in 2016. He is the author of several booklets and books of theological and administrative-financial management. He was a manager of industrial and commercial companies, national and multinational, in which he held boards in industrial, administrative and financial areas and general management. At Mackenzie, prior to the Basic Education Operations Board, he held the Planning and Finance Board of Mackenzie for five years and for three years the Superintendent of Basic Education.