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Lato Sensu

The Lato Sensu Coordination is responsible for proposing, monitoring and evaluating specialization courses, commonly known as the Lato Sensu course. To attend a Lato Sensu courses, one must have at least an associate degree. FCI currently offers Lato Sensu courses on advanced areas of Information Systems and Computer Sciences. They are offered at Mackenzie University Campus, but they can be provided in-Company as well. There are two annual selection processes for these courses: June/July and November/December/January.

Lato Sensu courses offered by FCI:
  • Corporate Systems Architecture;
  • Computer Forensics;
  • IT Governance;
  • Systems Design and Development;
  • IT Security.

Office Hours

Tuesday: 8:05PM until 10: 30PM

Wednesday: 8:05PM until 10:30PM

Friday: 6:00PM to 6:25PM

Prof: Ms. Dirceu Matheus Junior

Prof: Ms. Dirceu Matheus Junior


Alice Duarte Assis

Alice Duarte Assis