The Professional Master in Management of Business Development course aims at training and developing high-level professionals in the business world, who act as executives, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or consultants, in order to add differentiated value to their careers and companies and organizations.

This commitment is in perfect alignment with MEC Ordinance No. 389 (03/23/2017) and CAPES Ordinance No. 60 (03/20/2019) on professional master's degrees.

The training process starts from the students' needs in terms of solving problems and/or taking advantage of market opportunities faced by companies and organizations, in order to promote the necessary innovations and transformations, with the application of scientific concepts and methods.

It also provides excellent preparation for lato sensu graduate and undergraduate teaching.

As it is a practical application course, candidates must indicate in the application, the interest of the company or organization in carrying out the master's conclusion work, regardless or not of being their collaborator.

If you already have a project in progress or idealized, whether for the company or personal, bring it to develop it with us! If not yet, we will help you define and develop it during the course.

Job market

There is an effective demand for people with the ability to lead the way in solving problems and taking advantage of market opportunities, who add value to companies that face major challenges of competitiveness in order to expand their businesses.

There is also a demand for internal entrepreneurs, given the need to obtain quick and innovative responses in markets that are constantly changing.

There is also a demand for teaching in the lato sensu graduate and undergraduate courses.

Reviews and Awards