The Professional Masters in Management of Business Development aims at high-level training and the development of business professionals who act as executives, entrepreneurs, or consultants, in order to add greater value to their careers. They also benefit the companies and organizations they collaborate with improving productivity and the effectiveness of their results.

The course deals with the theories and scientific methods geared to problem-solving practical needs and / or seizing market opportunities in companies based on issues related to the management of technology and innovation connected with developing markets.

This commitment is in perfect alignment with the MEC Ordinance nº 389 (03/23/2017) and the CAPES Ordinance nº 60 (03/20/2019) on professional masters.

Being a course of practical application it is required that candidates have to forward with their application a declaration of interest from a company for completing the work of the graduate student, regardless of whether the student is an employee.

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