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Complementary Activities

FCI Complementary Activities (AC) are those that are carried out outside the curriculum, during the period in which the student is regularly enrolled in one of the courses of the FCI and relevant to his/her academic education. AC are part of the requirements for a degree.

The objective of these activities is to broaden the horizons of the professional and personal formation of the student, allowing a greater convergence between theory and practice. Therefore, in 2009 FCI constituted the ACs in its Pedagogical Project and since then has maintained a coordination managing those activities. The coordinator can be contacted in the email or in Moodle Course FCI-AC.

Description of Complementary Activities

Examples of valid ACs for the FCI are:

  • Continuing Education Courses ;
  • Elective Courses from other University Departments;
  • Proficiency Exams or Coursed taken abroad;
  • Teacher Assistant;
  • Participation in scientific congress;
  • Scientific research;
  • Participation in research projects;
  • Collaboration with the FCI research labs;
  • Technical visit;
  • Cultural / sports competition;
  • Event-fair-show in computing;
  • University social project;
  • Mackenzie/COI  exchange;
  • Professional certification: BD, Java, soft, TS, etc .;
  • Class representative;
  • Foreign language course;
  • Cultural activities for bachelor's degree;
  • Participation in study groups;
  • Internship for bachelor's degree;
  • Presentation of undergraduate work;
  • Book Reading;
  • Volunteering at University events.

Prof. Dr. Vivaldo José Breternitz

Prof. Dr. Vivaldo José Breternitz


Maisa Alvino Luiz

Maisa Alvino Luiz