The CHCM is also a cultural space which holds a schedule of diverse and constant activities, adequate for all kinds of public. There are debates, concerts, and free workshops, which carry one main objetive: being a reflective and cultural formation space.

Passeio Histórico - Segunda a Sexta-feira (exceto feriado e dias com eventos), das 10h as 17h

The CHCM promotes a Historical Tour around the Higienópolis Campus, presenting in a dynamic way, the formation and growth of this Institution in the city of São Paulo. The suggested itinerary covers the oldest part of the campus, whose past was considered relevant, historical and architecturally, to the extent of being elevated to the Historical and Cultural Heritage category in the year 1993.

Piano Livre - Segunda a Sexta-feira (exceto feriado e dias com eventos), das 10h as 20h. Sábados das 10h às 16h

Come play the piano at CHCM.

We have in our Cultural Hall a Berdux München piano built in 1911, whose Project received the Turin´s Gran prix in the same year.

The piano was refurbished in 2004, keeping the original aspects and recovering its color, structure and sonority.

The Free Piano Project (Projeto Piano Livre) allows students and employees to use it upon registration and fulfillment of the usage requirements. Registration must be done in person at the CHCM secretary.

Monday to Friday (except holidays and event days), from 09 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Música no hall - Todas as Quintas-feiras

Every Thursday there is Music in the CHCM Hall.  Artists are invited which, in Pocket Shows, bring the public contact with different musical styles.