The Faculdade Evangélica do Parana (FEPAR) was founded in 1969 with the appointment of Dr. Daniel Egg as dean. The first classes were held in the building next to the Evangelico University Hospital of Curitiba. Since the first graduating class of FEPAR in 1973, the institution has been highly recognized by its peer institutions for excellence in medical education and outstanding faculty members. Since then, over 2500 physicians have graduated from FEPAR.

FEPAR has been revised yearly by the Brazilian Board of Medical Education. Such an approach provides a means for the executive office to implement improvement strategies based on the continuous process of transformation of healthcare system and academic education. Therefore, new technologies, research studies, improvements in medical practice and quality of patient care have been constantly undergoing modifications to meet the standard requirements for graduating highly qualified physicians.

The mission of FEPAR is to provide a means for medical students to acquire standard knowledge and technical skills proficiency to practice effective, patient-centered and evidence-based medicine. The institution offers faculty capacity, clinical resources, accreditation standards and assessment methods for training different medical specialties. The faculty consists of many certified outstanding professionals presenting with masters and post doctorate degrees. During medical training, the students attend classes at the Evangelico University Hospital of Curitiba, where they are exposed to clinical practice and technical skills under the supervision of competent physicians of different medical specialties.