For those who like Administration, but are sure that they want to act in the international market, nothing like starting your training with this directed look. The course of administration with a line of practice in Foreign Trade Management and taught by doctors and masters and enables students to focus on international trade issues, as well as ensuring training in the traditional areas of administration (marketing, and operations)

The student will have contact with all legal and commercial aspects that involve import and export activities, as well as the challenges in the process of internationalization of organizations and markets, through specific curricular components, technical visits, and participation in research projects and extension. The student also has the possibility of making exchanges with foreign universities and can develop, with entrepreneurship classes, the project of having his own business. These experiences are sure to enrich your worldview and your resume.

The Jobs Market

The foreign trade professional ensures the conformity of customs operations and allows importers and exporters the maximum use of the various mechanisms that reduce the tax burden and the logistical cost through efficient monitoring of the dynamic customs legislation and the full dominion of the relevant subjects the area. The professional trained in this course can work in industries, commerce, financial institutions, logistics companies, among others, besides holding public positions in Municipal and State Secretariats, Ministries and Federal Bodies.


Reviews and Awards