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Lines of Research


This research track aims to foster research and applied studies concerned with matters relative to the functioning of markets and the actions of professionals in connection with: government failures; the relationship between free enterprise and growth; the production of inter-related diagnoses involving the economic situation and the various industrial and regional realities; the identification of the main barriers to entry and operation in various markets; pricing, supplied quantity, product differentiation and action strategy actions in the light of different market structures; economic and financial feasibility analysis for investment projects; knowledge of fund-raising alternatives; decision-making in connection with the use of organizational resources; the evaluation of impacts stemming from productive investment decisions of government steps that interfere with how industries function.



Aims to generate research and applied studies concerned with matters associated with international markets in terms of: the integration of international productive chains; potential for use of international financial flows as fund-raising sources; foreign direct investment in Brazil and Brazilian investments abroad; the establishment of internationalization strategies in the light of the potential for mergers, acquisitions and partnerships; understanding governance mechanisms at the international level for the purposes of operating in line with the best interests of organizations.