Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM) has several computer labs in the São Paulo campus, of general use, of which four are used exclusively by the Stricto Sensu Post-Graduation Programs, with 473 computers. These laboratories are interconnected and have a centralized management in the UPM computer science area. The laboratory staff is responsible for the daily operation of laboratories, monitoring of the network and equipment, control and attendance to professors and students.

SPSS software is the main statistical program used, with 125 licenses. The NVivo software for qualitative analysis and the SmartPLS and EQS softwares for quantitative statistical techniques are also available.

In 2015 the Applied Finance Observatory, vinculated to the PhD Program in Business Administration (PPGA), was created to support the development of applied research in finance and to train PPGA students in available software and databases. The observatory has 45 computers and the COMPUSTAT and SP_IQ databases are available, the LATEX text editor and the STATA econometric software are also available. In the years 2015-17 there were 04 classes of training of use of the LATEX publisher to generate networks of bibliographic references and 04 classes of STATA training involving professors and students of the PPGA.