PPGEEC has a vast list of alumni. In 2020, the Program completed 20 years of the Master's degree, reaching 348 dissertations and nine years of the Doctorate, with 53 theses.



The doctorate graduates have worked primarily on teaching activities and in the corporate market and as postdoctoral researchers. However, a significant portion of those who followed an academic career works in public universities, especially in other Brazilian states. Furthermore, a significant portion has been hired in the University at the School of Engineering or the School of Computing and Informatics because of their outstanding performance in the Doctorate. These cases have included not only those already employed in other sectors of the University but also those who came from other institutions.


Below is a summary of the professional placements of doctorate graduates until 2019 (with possible overlapping):  

a) Academic Public Sector: 10;

b) Non-Academic Public Sector: 9;

c) Private Academic Sector: 21;

d) Non-Academic Private Sector: 10;

e) Postdoctorate in Brazil: 5;

f) Postdoctorate abroad: 3.  

The remarkable fact is that all doctorate graduates are active in some of the above sectors. Equally worth mentioning is that the number of graduates working in the non-academic private sector has increased annually, going from 4 in 2017 to 7 in 2018, then 10 in 2019, and 2020.



Master's degree

The Master's graduates work predominantly in the productive sector and play prominent roles in coordination or management positions in their companies, usually highly relevant, such as Samsung, Riachuelo's IT, Telefônica, Banco Itaú, Banco Credit Suisse, Oracle, IBM, B3, Siemens, Ericsson, Brazilian Institute of Advanced Technology, Claro, Accenture, T-Systems, Atech, Visanet, ABN-Amro, Santander, NEC, Google among many others.

From the Master's graduates from 2017 to 2020, everyone is developing some activity in areas covered by PPGEEC during their formation. Given this fact and the posts those alumni occupy in their companies, no doubt PPGEEC has played a crucial role in their professional training. Briefly, the classification of graduates in the period from 2017 to 2020 is as follows:

a) Academic Public Sector: 1;

b) Non-Academic Public Sector: 1;

c) Private Academic Sector: 7;

d) Non-Academic Private Sector: 44;

e) Doctorate student at PPGEEC: 9;

f) Doctorate student in another Program: 3.