Accreditation Criteria

Re-accreditation in the Program is an institutional action, defined by UPM's Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, who establishes the re-accreditation criteria and how the responsible committee for the whole process is to be composed.

Since 2017, this is an action carried out annually, always at the end of each year. Its primary purpose is to derive performance indicators that evaluate the Program primarily in terms of research quality and qualified student formation and teaching. The process presupposes faculty involvement in undergraduate teaching and student supervision (TCC – Last Year Project, and IC - Scientific Initiation).

In this sense, re-accreditation considers the qualified production of the faculty members and the output in terms of student formation and supervision. As the basis of analysis, a sliding time window of 3 years (the current and two previous years) is considered.

Considering for at least two of the 3-year window, the faculty members register can be kept in the Program's when they conclude successful supervision of a graduate student (MSc or Doctorate). The faculty need to have qualified production in their subject area (especially with student), supervises an undergraduate student, teach one discipline in undergraduate and graduate courses, and participate in a research project, as leader or collaborator.

The re-accreditation process should be regarded as an instrument for the self-evaluation and self-planning of each member, aiming for a progressively better outcome in the four-year evaluation of the Program.