The research carried out within the Program has received funding from agencies associated with the state research support foundations (mainly FAPESP, the one from São Paulo state); from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (CNPq); Ministry of Education (CAPES); Mackenzie Research Fund (MackPesquisa); regulatory agencies (mainly ANEEL, the national energy regulatory authority); and partnerships with companies in the productive sector.


From 2017 to 2020, the number of projects in which the Program was involved with each funding source was as follows:


• CNPq: 8 (including individual Productivity and Technological Grants)

• CAPES: 3 (including the projects linked to Mackenzie's International PrInt grant)

• ANEEL: 1

• MackPesquisa: 7

• Productive sector: 23

During the present quadrennium, the Program received more than R$ 10 million in research funding, not including investments for the scholarships granted by CAPES (PROSUC-I and PROSUC-2), CNPq (DAI and MAI), and MackPesquisa (merit scholarship and tuition exemptions).