Academic Commissions

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee lasts a maximum of one year and comprises a faculty member and a student representative from each subject area, and the Program Coordinator. 2020-2021 committee:

- Profa. Pollyana Notargiacomo (faculty - Computing) 

- Prof. Cristiano Akamine (faculty - Telecommunication) 

- Bruno Cesar dos Santos Lima (student representative - Computing) 

- Matheus Guitti Bonando (student representative - Telecommunication) 

- Profa. Lucia Akemi Miyazato Saito (Coordinator)  

Analysis Committee of the Obligatory Programmed Activity (APO)
Faculty Accreditation Committee

The re-accreditation committee is composed of the Coordinator, and a faculty member from each subject area, appointed at each re-accreditation process. In the 2020 accreditation, this committee was composed by:

- Prof. Luiz Henrique Alves Monteiro (Computing) 

- Profa. Lucia Akemi Miyazato Saito (Telecommunication) 

- Prof. Leandro Augusto da Silva (Coordinator) 

Committee for the Preparation of the Annual Evaluation Report (Sucupira)

The committee for preparing the annual evaluation reportconsists of a variable group of faculty members to assist. From 2017 to 2020, the committee has the following composition:

- Prof. Lucia Akemi Miyazato Saito (writing of the proposal) 

- Prof. Paulo Batista Lopes (writing of the proposal) 

- Prof. Leandro Augusto da Silva (writing of the proposal) 

- Prof. Leandro Nunes de Castro (consulting) 

- Prof. Pedro Paulo Balbi de Oliveira (consulting) 

- Prof. Pollyana Notargiacomo (consulting)