Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie has always invested in research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and generates innovation. Therefore, candidates enrolled in its Degree Graduate Programs (Master’s and Doctorate) are encouraged to invest in their research, take part in exchange programs and the leading conferences in their domains.

PROJECT: 2D materials and nanodevices to be applied to power, telecommunications and sensors

The general objective of the project is to create a program of intense international exchange in the area of ​​2D materials and its applications in 3 priority areas: energy conversion / storage; photonics and optoelectronics for telecommunications; and photonic, electronic and optoelectronic sensors.
Coordinator: Prof. Christiano José Santiago de Matos.

Call for Admission Procedure for Visiting Professor Scholarship in Brazil Extended until May 6th, 2024
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EDITAL CAPES PRINT - Call for Admission Procedure for Postdoctoral Scholarships in the Country  Registration closed

EDITAL CAPES PRINT - Call for Admission Procedure for Young Talent Scholarship in the Country Registration closed

PPGEEC scholarship awarding and maintenance criteria

All scholarship requests will be analyzed by the PPGEEC Scholarships Commission, which is made up of two permanent members, being the Coordinator and a Student Representative. The Scholarships Commission’s review will be based on the applicable criteria, in consultation with the Program’s Collegiate Body as needed.


1. Documentation for application

  • Written personal request from the applicant, explaining and justifying his or her interest in the scholarship, and including a link to the electronic version of their Lattes curriculum;
  • Letter of consent from the advisor, expressing agreement on the applicant’s request and providing an opinion on said request, including a link to the electronic version of their Lattes curriculum;
  • Brief description of the research project (three pages at the most), if already existing, or of the potential subject, preferably structured as Introduction, Motivation, Objectives, Methodology, Expected Findings and Work Plan;
  • Latest academic records.


2. Requirements to apply for institutional scholarships

  • To be enrolled in the PPGEE selection process or duly enrolled in the Program, and to be at least six months away from completion of the program;
  • Having met the deadlines for submission of the reports and documents requested by PPGEE in the semester of the scholarship request’s acceptance.


3. Scholarships distribution

  • Scholarships will be granted based on a ranked list prepared in the light of the outcome of the scholarships selection process, and a balance will be pursued between the program’s areas of concentration and faculty members, pursuant to the criteria set forth in Items 4 and 5;
  • The maximum duration of the Scholarships is stipulated by the respective sponsoring agencies, in compliance with the rules in force at UPM;
  • The scholarship grant rules of each sponsoring agency will apply.


4. Criteria for Scholarship Grants


4.1 Applicable to students

  • To be a duly enrolled PPGEE  student and preferably under the advisorship of a tenured program professor;
  • To not simultaneously receive a grant from another entity or institution for the same purpose;
  • For scholarships including fees exemption and grants, to dedicate full-time to the graduate program in which they are enrolled and for which the scholarship is sought, and, where an employment connection exists, to be released without pay from professional activities;
  • To not be absent from PPGEE for a period of thirty days or more without proper justification and the advisor’s acceptance; the advisor shall give notice of the fact to the Scholarships Commission;
  • To obtain a recommendation for the scholarship from their advisor, such to be clearly expressed in the respective letter of consent;
  • To be in compliance with the deadlines set forth in Item 2;


4.2 Applicable to the Advisor

  • To be a tenured or employed professor at PPGEE;
  • To have advisorship vacancies not in excess of the Capes criteria;
  • To avoid accumulating scholarships from the same quota level (master’s or doctor’s), except where there are scholarships available and no other PPGEE professors exist who might use them for their advised candidates;
  • To submit an opinion on the student applying for or earning a scholarship;
  • To have compatible own scientific production. 

5. Ranking Criteria for Applicants and Advisors

Applicants will be ranked based on the following items:

  • Lattes curriculum analysis (weight: 15%);
  • Project or proposed theme (weight: 15%);
  • Records (weight: 20%);
  • Advisorship (weight: 15%);
  • Distribution across faculty members and areas (weight: 10%);
  • Passing the proficiency test (weight: 10%);
  • Advisor recommendation (weight: 15%). 

5.1 Applicant Curriculum Scoring

  • Teaching experience at higher education institutions;
  • Scientific initiation with scholarship;
  • Student support;
  • Extra-curricular internship;
  • Publications (according to Qualis scores);
  • Papers presented at events;
  • Academic awards in general, including from Journeys, Conferences or Contests;
  • Attendance at events;
  • Courses delivered;
  • Events organized. 

5.2 Concerning the scoring of the “advisorship” item, the following advisor-related items will be considered

  • Lattes curriculum analysis;
  • PPGEE activities;
  • Joint publication with students;
  • Number of students and average degree-earning time. 

6. Scholarship maintenance criteria

In order to maintain scholarships, the following documents will be analyzed by the Scholarships Commission each semester:

  • Student records;
  • Semester report;
  • Advisor opinion on the student’s performance.


Scholarships Commission:

  • Prof. Dr. Lucia Akemi Miyazato Saito (Coordinator)
  • Prof. Dr. Dario Bahamon
  • Prof. Dr. Luiz Henrique Monteiro
  • Prof. Paulo Simões